I hope all of us make better choices, set healthier boundaries, look within, create incredible art that we're proud of, forgive our parents, forgive ourselves, and DO THE WORK because wisdom requires patience and the greatest masterpieces are rarely derived from ego driven escapism. I hope we all learn to slow down and stop hiding behind our images, our bands, our brands, our hair, our record collections, our arrogance, our stories, our religions, who we're sleeping or not sleeping with, our cynicism, our clever status updates, our insecurities disguised as bravado, and our addictions because none of that shit really defines who we are as human beings. I hope we all get better at being vulnerable and honest with ourselves. I hope all of us show up for each other more, appreciate what we have, and never take our gifts, our lives, or the people that matter most to us for granted. Not because it's a new year. Not because we're all a bunch of doomed assholes. But because it matters and we matter. We're all so much bigger and brighter than we even know. We're stardust, you guys. STARDUST.