I’ve been writing, recording, and making music for over 20 years and have just been reflecting on all the times some dude has talked over me, talked down to me, played over me, underestimated me, given unsolicited “advice”, touched my gear, said some dumbass thing, didn’t listen, didn’t get it, objectified me, dismissed me, and acted like they knew more.

This one goes out to all you arrogant, entitled, air sucking, space filling dudes. 



A clumsy dragon just accidentally coughed up a fireball on the place you had your first kiss. Amazon is bottling the flames and making a small fortune selling them to prisoners in the second circle of hell. Expect high temperatures, strong winds, traffic delays, and Brian Wilson humming "Til I Die" to nobody in particular.


A fiery sensual sun is having an existential crisis and has become obsessed with Serge Gainsbourg's denim period. Expect high temperatures, no breeze, warm tequila, chafing, traffic delays, and the musky aroma of unrequited lust.

I love you.

Haiiii everyone. How is dystopia going for you? Winter has been pretty mild now that we've upset a fiery sun but other than that, things are pretty terrible, no? Anyway. I haven't had a chance to catch up with a lot of you but wanted to take one minute away from screaming at the top of my lungs about everything to thank you and say that I love you. I love you for being angry, for calling congress members, for joining credit unions, for marching in the streets, and for learning from each other. I love you for sharing your thoughts about how to be better intersectional feminists, activists, and human beings but I really love you for checking our asses when we're not. White folks can be pretty oblivious at times. I love that most of you were this outraged before the election. I love that you believe Black Lives Matter and that you stand by Standing Rock. I love that you occupied Wall Street and didn't become completely disenchanted after the fact. Shit, some of you marched with me a million years ago when Bush was elected... and then again when America decided to drop bombs and PB&J sandwiches on Afghanistan.... and then again to protest the war in Iraq. I see you. Some of you tore Seattle a new asshole during the 1999 WTO protests. I bet you are all shaking your fucking heads right now. Can you believe this shit? 
I love you for sharing helpful tips and phone numbers for what concrete actions need to be taken and I love you even more for doing those actions. I know calling congress members lacks the intoxicating glamour of setting shit on fire but it's important. I love you for laughing as hard as I did when Richard Spencer was punched in the fucking face because IT WAS REALLY FUNNY AND HE DESERVED THAT. If it's wrong to punch a smug Nazi in the face then I don't want to be right. I love you all for making jokes and being so smart and funny about all of this. Humor is my number one defense mechanism and I appreciate that trait in others. THANK YOU ALL for engaging each other in this echo chamber and outside of it. I feel like a better person just having you in my life. Some new square turds might be in the white house but we're all the same people we've always been. This country is the same. Don't ever lose sight of that. 
Keep fighting, telling your truths, making art, making jokes... and punching Nazis in the face.


WEATHER FORECAST: A balding eagle is having a mid life crisis. Expect blue skies, a red moon, and white men staining everything in tacky gold.

Paint that shit black. I'll see you in the streets.

Had a dream the other night that a polio epidemic hit the states but Trump and the CDC didn't want people to panic so they said it was a harmless new disease called "coolio".

Every single screen shot from the debates last night just looks like America smoked too much weed and discoverd Photoshop for the first time.

I'm back in NY but THANK YOU LA!!!! You were my biggest muse and backdrop to so many random artistic endeavors; everything from Lacey Spacecake to my surreal weather forecasts to the goofy drawings of Nick Cave crying in his mashed potatoes to these cookbooks. To return and celebrate the success of them was really moving. I have no words for how appreciative I am to the friends that shared this experience with me but thank you, thank you, THANK YOU. I had the best time. 
<3 <3 

Flew back to LA to celebrate the book release party for these in the same neighborhood where I drew the images so many years ago.

A few things cooler than my air conditioner right now:

The Windows 95 Launch Party
Smash Mouth
Grape Nuts cereal
Hagar era Van Halen
A white guy dressed like a pimp for Halloween
Yahoo news
The Tonight Show With Jay Leno
Carrot Top
A box of raisins
Precious Moments collectibles
Marilyn Monroe quotes
Billy Corgan
Buzzfeed listicles
The term "listices"
Bottle service


Earlier last year I asked some of my favorite writers and musicians what their favorite word in the English language was. This was the result.